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Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is defined as the form of surgery through the surgeons get the clearer image of the hip joint. This supports them to diagnose the problem easily and treat as per difficulties. Hip anomalies is a kind of hip dislocation that can happen at any age such new born babies or even older people also. The only way to get the permanent solution is to get the proper keyhole surgery. In the modern times, there is also the availability of the minimal invasive keyhole surgeries which does not cause large problems regarding the invasion under the skin.

The keyhole surgery treatment

One of the most popular treatments of the minimal invasive technique is the arthroscopy or even known better as keyhole surgery. This is mainly applicable in the case of the anomalies related to the hips. In this procedure, the arthroscope or keyhole is inserted top the hip and joint portion which is a tube kind of mechanism with a light and camera attached to this. This is the equipment which is mostly similar to the tool named endoscope. This is mostly needed in the case of the failure of the other diagnostics to pin point the problem.  At first, after the diagnostic of the problem, to insert the other main tools for the treatment of the problem, there needs to be the other incisions on the skin. However the fact is that, all of those is the small invasive technique.

There are some advantages of the keyhole surgery technique. Those are the:

  • This is a minimal invasive treatment. So there is no large incision related to this.
  • This can be applied to various types of problems.
  • The small camera and the light at the end of the tube clear everything on the big monitor. So, this is advantageous to know the root of the problem.
  • This is not only the procedure which is applied for the diagnostic purposes. This also is used for the treatment of the disease.

The arthroscopy is applicable to many other segments of the hip or joint treatment and diagnostics. So, there are also many diseases involved for the use of this treatment.  Those diseases are the:

Snappy hip syndrome

This is one of the syndromes that are peculiarly involved with the hip problems. In the case of this one, the problem is that the persons who are suffering from this often feel the snapping of the hip bones in the matter of the running or the walking kinds of daily activities. The main cause of the disease is that the tendon in the hip portion gets rub against the outer surface of the hip bone. This causes the snappy hip syndrome.  The main symptoms of the disease are the pain in the hip portion and the feeling of discomfort. Though there is the option of the temporary relief can be availed quickly, but the permanent relief requires surgery. The surgery for this is done by the availing of the option of the arthroscopy.

Loose bodies

This one is also another option that is treated by the use of the arthroscopy technique.  This happens in some cases of arthritis. The surface of the cartilage in the hip becomes loose and then it moves around in a joint. The loose particles cause problems as they are the ones who cause friction in the joints and disrupt the smooth joint moving process. The only way to remove those loose bodies from the body is to apply the arthroscopy to locate them and then make other small incisions to remove the particles from the body.

Labral Tear

When the outer surface of the hip socket is converted, then that is called the labral. In this matter, the labral may also be painful and discomforting for the other matters. The elasticized tissue is the more helpful for the smooth joint moving. the pain in this factor can be reduced by the application of this treatment.


The hip joint which is in the inflamed state, can cause serious problems in the hip and it will further affect the daily work routines. So, this can also be cured by applying the arthroscopy treatment.

Hip impingement

The Hip impingement is the anomaly related to the hip and thigh bones. this is also the disease which requires the arthroscopy to treat it.

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