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Total Knee Replacement

A total knee replacement is kind of surgical procedure in which the unhealthy knee joint is entire replaced with artificial material. The knee functions as a hinge joint that helps in the motion where the thigh connects with the lower part of the leg. The end of the thigh bone is replaced, removing the femur bone with metal shell during the replacement of total knee. The end of the tibia is also replaced and removed with a channelled piece of plastic as a metal stem. A kind of plastic bone might be added depending on the state of the kneecap portion above the knee joint that is located below the knee surface. This entire procedure with the artificial components of the replacement of total knee is termed as prosthesis. When the fragile parts of the body gets fractured or broken then one have to get operated. That is why surgeries are turning out to be more and more common in hospitals. And the latest technology is minimally invasive surgery methods. These methods are used through small cut or incisions as an alternative of one large opening. Minimally invasive surgery in regard to Total Knee replacement is an evolutionary process. The Knee replacement operation involves removing parts of a person’s natural knee joint and replacing them with artificial ones. This is the most common joint replacement surgery.

The Minimally Invasive process of Knee replacement has changed the surgical practices of surgeons. This change is not only seen in the area of orthopaedics but also in the other medical fields.

Computer Navigated Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement Surgery

The whole procedure of the Total Knee Replacement Surgery is guided by the clever software that keeps track of the precision and proper proceedings regarding the surgery called Computer Navigated Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement Surgery. In fact, the computer helps people to scan the body and plan the surgery. Moreover, it guides the surgeon to perform the incision for initiation of the surgery, thus, leaving no place for the error and making it 100% precise. The procedure which was done under eye balling methods is now conducted by the advanced equipments. Through the incision, the implanting is carried out with precise techniques guided by the clever computers. In many cases, the post surgery procedures like recovery, pain management and other processes are carried out by the experts to make it perfect for fluent movement.

The Total Knee Replacement Surgery has come up as the major hope for those who have lost their knee. It gives power to the patients to stand, walk and, even, run like a normal human being and live life full on.

The reasons for requiring knee replacement

People have knee replacement surgery to ease pain and disability of walking. These are caused generally by arthritis or other joint problems. Knee replacement surgery is also used to correct various types of knee malformations. The surgery makes a person able to walk more easily and cure him from almost all the problems.

The Symptoms

There are various signs that give an idea that the time has arrived to get the knee replaced. If one gets any of the following signs then he or she should get a check up as early as possible

  • If the knee pain persists for a long time
  • If the knee hurts in rainy weather
  • When the knee aches during and after exercises
  • The pain prevents you from sleeping
  • If one feels a decrease in knee motion or the degree to which you’re able to bend your knee
  • When the knees become rigid or has swollen
  • If one finds difficulty in walking or climbing up the stairs
  • If a person is no longer as fit and fine to move as he would like to be
  • Has difficulty getting in and out of chairs and bathtubs

All these symptoms may come to view at the same time then the patient must visit the orthopaedic doctors.

Key surgical features

  • The incision can be lessened to about twice the length of the patella. The range is between 6 and 11 cm. The incision can be progressively decreased as the surgeon becomes at ease with the approach. The incision can be lengthened as a fallback when required.
  • The doctor may give relaxation of a few retractors permits exposure of other parts of the knee. For instance, the doctor may lighten up the medial retractors to expose the lateral joint line and relax the lateral retractors to expose medially. This is called the Symbiotic use of retractors.
  • Quadriceps muscle-sparing approach method is used next. The process is similar to the mid-vastus approach.
  • The next step is very important. It is the Inferior and superior patellar capsular releases. With this step the doctors can gain exposure of the entire joint. And along with it able to mobilize the patella. It can be done both laterally and medially.
  • New and latest instruments are used that are quite handy and thus help the operations. These instruments are nearly half the size of the traditional ones.
  • Another useful technique is the Suspended-leg technique. Here in this process the surgeon is use gravity to naturally expose the knee joint and avoid the use of lamina spreaders to distract the joint. This one of the latest technique.

These are the various techniques that are used in total Knee replacement. In Minimally Invasive for total Knee replacement the doctors must follow the latest procedures to avoid any risk as this modern technology possess various advantaged.

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